Hero Bike Models

There are 29 new Hero bike models for sale in India. The lowest priced model Hero Hf Dawn starts at ₹ 37.4 K (ex-showroom price) and the highest priced model Hero Hastur starts at ₹ 5 Lakh (ex-showroom price). Choose the best Hero bike from our comprehensive list and check the prices in your city, images gallery, specifications, ratings and more.

Hero HF Dawn
₹ 37.4 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero HF Deluxe
₹ 42.83 - ₹ 46.93 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero HF Deluxe Eco
₹ 47.46 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero HF Deluxe I3s
₹ 47.51 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Splendor Plus
₹ 47.93 - ₹ 51.91 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Splendor Pro
₹ 51.48 - ₹ 55.5 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Passion Pro I3S
₹ 51.8 - ₹ 54.59 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Passion Xpro
₹ 52 - ₹ 58.87 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Passion Pro
₹ 53.73 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Splendor ISmart
₹ 54.08 - ₹ 55.84 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Passion Pro TR
₹ 54.2 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Super Splendor
₹ 56.54 - ₹ 57.19 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Glamour
₹ 56.85 - ₹ 58.81 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Karizma
₹ 57.4 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Splendor Pro Classic
₹ 57.65 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Glamour I3s
₹ 59.95 - ₹ 61.91 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Ignitor
₹ 61.26 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Achiever
₹ 65.59 - ₹ 66.58 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Glamour PGM Fi
₹ 65.6 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Glamour Fi
₹ 66.3 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Impulse
₹ 71.55 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Xtreme
₹ 71.93 K OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Hunk
₹ 74.1 - ₹ 74.12 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Xtreme Sports
₹ 78.23 - ₹ 81.27 K Ex-Showroom Price
Hero Xpulse
₹ 1 Lakh OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Karizma ZMR
₹ 1.05 Lakh OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero HX250R
₹ 1.8 Lakh OnwardsEx-Showroom Price
Hero Hastur
₹ 5 Lakh OnwardsEx-Showroom Price

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About Hero

Hero MotoCorp is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Delhi, Hero holds around 40% market share in Indian two-wheeler market. Brijmohan Lall Munjal first started the brand through a joint venture with Honda, and very quickly they both went on to gain popularity in the Indian two-wheeler market. A key to Hero’s success lies in the manufacturer understanding the needs of the people. Hero bikes in India are well known for their efficiency. Regardless of what the model is, efficiency and sustenance on rough Indian roads is a massive challenge. Hero understood this and together with Honda worked on models which would not only thrive but excel in the Indian condition. Splendor went on to become the most popular bike model in the Indian two-wheeler history.

In the year 2010, Hero ended its successful alliance with Honda and became a direct competitor for each other. Hero has three manufacturing facilities in Haryana and one in Uttarakhand from where most of the production takes place. These plants combined have a production capacity of nearly 8 million 2-wheelers in a year. Hero has over 6,000 dealerships around the country and has penetrated to the remotest area of the country.

Hero’s forte is the 100cc segment where the bikes perform well. However, the displacement goes all the way up to 223cc with flagship Karizma models. Apart from budget bikes & sports bikes, Hero is also very well-known for scooters such as Pleasure, Duet and the Maestro Edge. In recent times, the manufacturer has been focusing on the green technologies as seen in the last two Expos where it unveiled Duet E, Leap Scooter and iON. The Indian manufacturer is keen on achieving the goal of selling 20 million vehicles by 2020.

The largest two-wheeler manufacturer obviously has one of the largest portfolios. Currently, there are 17 Hero bikes in India. Let us understand the specification variation based upon the models. For this purpose, we will consider three models – Hero Splendor Pro, Hero Maestro Edge and Hero Extreme Sports.


Hero Splendor Pro

Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Extreme Sports

Engine Displacement




Maximum. Power

8.20 bhp @ 8,000 rpm

8.31 bhp @ 8,000 rpm

15.60 bhp @ 8,500 rpm

Maximum. Torque

8 Nm @ 4,500 rpm

8.30 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

13.50 Nm @ 7,000 rpm


90 kmpl

51 kmpl

48 kmpl

Top Speed

82 kmph

85 kmph

100 kmph

Fuel Tank Capacity

11 litres

5.50 litres

12.10 litres


Hero bikes in India are all budget bikes. The entry-level Hero HF Deluxe is priced at INR 39,000 considering price after GST. Flagship Hero model in Hero Extreme Sports is priced at INR 74,000. Between these two models, there are 15 other bikes which you can choose from. Hero is looking forward to extending its portfolio with upcoming Hero bikes in Hero Xtreeme 200s and motor scooter Hero Dare to be launched by December 2017.

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