About Droom Rating

Buying a new vehicle can be a cumbersome process. Buyers often consult multiple people, visit multiple showrooms, carry out extensive research, look for best financing options and so on, to finally select their dream car, bike or scooter. With multiple platforms offering a large chunk of information on vehicle prices, news, reviews, user ratings, expert reviews and many more, a second unbiased opinion comes really handy. We at Droom Discovery understand the pain points a buyer has to encounter before buying a vehicle, therefore, we bring you India’s most trusted, comprehensive, data driven and unbiased vehicle scoring platform, ‘Droom Rating’. Droom Rating is a data science based tool which is based on machine learning, which means, it is constantly learning and evolving better.

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How is it Calculated

As one of the largest auto-market place in India, we regularly take feedback from our users as to what are the most popular parameters they look in a car before buying. Keeping this mind, we zeroed on the following most vital parameters: a) Performance, b) Safety, c) Comfort and Convenience, d) Value for money. Droom Rating is a data science based tool which rates a vehicle on these parameters individually. The overall score is then calculated by multiplying these individual parameters with their respective weightages and then summing them up. We also consider multiple technical specifications and features under the four parameters mentioned above.

  • Performance

    Performance is the study of the motion of a vehicle and how a vehicle performs while driving on road. It considers the displacement, torque, acceleration and many more factors which are vital to a vehicle’s driving experience. We consider more 20+ features for evaluating the performance score.

  • Safety

    Safety of a vehicle refers to the accident avoidance technologies integrated and the measures employed to protect the occupants of a vehicle in case of an accident. Safety takes into account Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS), Crash Test Score, Airbags(Car), Disc Brakes (Bike) and many more. We consider 30+ safety features to evaluate the safety score.

  • Comfort and Convenience

    Comfort and convenience includes the features that make up for a relaxing driving experience. This includes adjustable seats, climate control(cars), adjustable steering and more. A vehicle with high comfort and convenience score makes the driving experience worth remembering.

  • Value For Money

    Value for Money tells you how much budget friendly is the given vehicle and whether its running cost is too high for the given price. This includes a vehicle’s mileage (compared with its price), resale value after years. A vehicle with high value for money score is worth to go for.

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