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About Droom Suggest

Droom Suggest is a data science based tool which helps you find the right car, bike or a scooter based on your budget, purpose of buying (such as Daily Commuting, Occasional Travel, Multipurpose and Performance), family size and more. You get personalized recommendations of the vehicles suitable for you and save time and hassles of making multiple searches for finding the right vehicle for you.


Below are the terms used in the form for Droom Suggest:

  1. Category: The type of vehicle you are looking to buy; a car, bike or a scooter.
  2. Budget: The required price range within which you are looking to buy the vehicle
  3. City: Your current location city
  4. Purpose: The purpose for which the vehicle will be used such as Daily Commuting, Occasional Travel, Multi-Purpose and more
  5. Family Size (in case of cars): The number of family members expected to be seated in the car you are looking to buy