2017 Aprilia SR 150 Race first ride

Published On: 22 February 2017 | 1985 Views

A feistier version of the sprightly SR 150 that gets even better at drawing eyeballs.

  • There isn't a better handling scooter than the SR150. It feels like riding a bike
  • While the SR150 stood out, the Race will grab a lot more eyeballs.
  • Getting up to 60-80kph is a breeze
  • Only mechanical change comes in the form of a revised CVT gearbox.
  • The instrument cluster looks too rudimentary
  • Front brakes have ample stopping power
  • The new graphics on the Race surely add to its sporty appeal
  • Ride is a bit on the stiff ride
  • You can opt for a sportier 'Race boom' exhaust.

Presenting the Aprilia SR150 Race. It’s for those who want a bit more fun from the standard SR, and also for those who think that the regular crossover-scooter didn’t turn enough heads.

Unlike what the name suggests, the ‘Race’ edition gets the same 154cc single-cylinder, air-cooled motor as the stock SR 150 and there’s no change in motor’s outputs of 11.4hp and 11.5Nm. The bike, however, is slightly quicker because it uses a revised CVT gearbox.

There’s no two ways about the fact that the SR 150 Race looks a lot sportier than the standard scooter. Adding to its racy appeal is the metallic grey paint scheme that’s inspired from Aprilia race bikes. It’s even got its front disc calliper finished in gold and body graphics that are similar to Aprilia’s MotoGP bike. And that’s not it. What further makes the scooter stand out are the mono-shock and the five-spoke alloy wheels that are painted in bright red.

It, however, retains the standard scooter’s rather rudimentary instrument console; a sportier setup would have surely added to the bike’s appeal.

On the go, the SR 150 Race feels eager off the mark, is responsive to the slightest inputs at the throttle. Like the regular SR, reaching and maintaining 60-80kph is absolutely hassle-free and even climbing ghat sections are a non-issue.

The SR’s 220mm front disc brake setup is just as impressive at shedding the scooter’s pace as the bike is at gathering speed. It’s just that the rear brakes don’t feel very strong; also a brake lever lock would have been a welcome addition.

The SR 150 has always been a keen handling scooter – the best handling scoter currently on sale in India, if you may – and the Race, with its bike-like manners, is no different; it’s an absolute treat to ride. It’s feels nimble and goes around bends like no scooter around. Yes, it’s a bit stiffly sprung, which may be an issue over long rides, but it’s the stiffness that gives the scooter such composure at speed. Also, it goes over our pockmarked roads quite.

The saddle cushioning is quite good, and while the riding position is slightly upright, you’ll never be uncomfortable riding it. It’s even got enough legroom for regular riders, but taller riders may find the position slightly cumbersome. 

In addition to the revised gearbox, you can even opt for a sportier Race Boom exhaust and carburettor upgrades, which will improve the scooter’s performance. These are likely to cost another Rs 3,000-5,000 over the bike’s sticker price of Rs 70,288.

The SR 150 is for those who want something fun to ride, but don’t want the inconvenience of changing gears, and the ‘Race’ edition just takes that philosophy a step further. It’s quite unequivocally the most fun-to-ride scooter that you can get your hands on, and is something you must consider if you like riding and turning a lot of heads.

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