Honda Grazia vs Suzuki Access 125

Published On: 21 December 2017 | 5655 Views

Is the new Honda Grazia good enough to outshine the Suzuki Access 125?

  • Honda Grazia vs Suzuki Access 125.
  • The LED headlamp on the Grazia.
  • Grazia's instrument cluster features a rpm metre.
  • Dio-like seat on the Grazia not suited to larger people.
  • Retro styling on the Access 125 SE.
  • Contrasting red seat looks good.
  • Basic looking instrumentation on the Access 125.
  • Honda Grazia vs Suzuki Access 125 front.
  • Honda Grazia vs Suzuki Access 125 side.

The demand for premium scooters is on a rise, and the 125cc offerings appear to be the most in demand. The 150cc scooters are expensive and are quite the fuel-guzzlers. Honda is not letting its 125cc demand go unaddressed and is taking a second shot at this lucrative segment with the New Grazia.

On the Outside

In this comparison, we have a Suzuki’s special-edition Access 125 - this version is a decent attempt at livening up the scooter’s traditional styling. This model has matte black paint with a nicely contrasting red seat. The Suzuki continues to have the chrome-bezel that sits nicely around the retro-looking headlight. To add to that, the scooter also comes with round, chrome mirrors, which add to its appeal. This special-edition model in matte-black comes equipped with black wheels, the other models come with silver-coloured wheels. Overall, the Access looks like a traditional scooter and not funky in anyway.  

The Grazia’s modern and aggressive styling pleads for brighter, bolder colours. Many scooter fans we came across during this test thought that the Grazia was an updated Dio, and they were really pleased by it. The Grazia misses out on a 125 decal and this we feel is a missed opportunity because there is no tell-tale sign. The Grazia comes with a LED headlight, which is a first amongst scooters. It also has sharp aggressive lines that denote the scooter’s sporty intentions. In terms of styling, it sits in between the timelessness of a Vespa and the extreme aggressiveness of the SR150. This means, it will mix into the hordes of scooters in a few months from now, that is unless Honda provides it with a yellow colour option. On the flip side, this means neither a young teenager nor a senior citizen will feel out of place on it.

The Features

The Honda is undoubtedly the more feature-rich scooter when compared to the Access 125. Its feature list includes the segment first LED headlight, a front-disc (Deluxe model) and fully-digital instrumentation. This digital cluster also displays the tacho and a light showing the eco speed. Furthermore, the scooter also has a storage compartment in the front with a lid and charging socket. Other features include tubeless tyres and Combi-Brake System. When compared to the Grazia, the Access is pretty basic, with a disc brake, alloy wheel, analogue instrument cluster and cubbyhole in the apron without a cover. Of the two, the Grazia is clearly stronger in terms of features.  

The Performance

Suzuki’s Access makes 8.6hp and is known for its performance and smoothness. The engine on this scooter could even be called the benchmark in its segment. However, the Grazia engine is very close in terms of performance. It is just 0.1hp short of the Access 125. At lower speeds, the Grazia lacks character but it outperforms the Access as speeds get higher. The Grazia’s motor feels spirited and sounds loud past 70kph while the Access’ motor is torquey but always feels relaxed.

In terms of handling, both the Grazia and Access make decent efforts to offer a comfortable and exciting riding experience. Both scooters use a telescopic fork and 12-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear (both run tubeless tyres). Other similarities include, both bikes having a disc brake up front in their top trims. The Honda does score over the Suzuki with its Combi-Brake System, though. The Grazia is equipped with MRF Zapper FG tyres, which surely better than the Ceat ones on the Access.

Fuel Efficiency

The Honda Grazia has a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 litres, while the Access has a 5.6-litre one. The Grazia returned a fuel efficiency of 57.6kpl on the highway, while the Access returned a figure of 54.5kpl. In city conditions, where it matters the most, it's the Access that wins. The Honda returns a decent figure of 50.6kpl in the city, while the Suzuki returns 52.6kpl.

Which One Should I Buy?

In conclusion, there are a lot of positives about both scooters. The Access is effortless, well-built and the styling is minimalistic and elegant. If you are looking for a comfortable and practical scooter, you will be happier with the cheaper scooter, the Access 125 SE, which is priced at ₹60,999.

The Grazia, however, has all the qualities of the Access but with the added bonus of a modern design, involving dynamics and a few features (like the LED headlight), which buyers will genuinely appreciate. Priced at ₹63,888 (all prices ex-showroom, Mumbai) the Grazia is slightly more expensive – but it is the better option.

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