Amaze vs Dzire vs Ameo diesel-automatic

Published On: 17 July 2018 | 2077 Views

We put the latest Amaze, Dzire and Ameo together to find out which one’s best.

  • The front of the Amaze has a lot of chrome.
  • All three cars ride really well.
  • They all get boots being compact sedans.
  • The Amaze has the best proportions.
  • The Dzire has the most basic gearbox.
  • The Dzire is the only one here with a LED headlight.
  • Rear AC vents work well on the Dzire.
  • The Ameo has the worst proportions.

Diesel automatic cars are one of the most suited towards India offerings. That said, there’s a huge amount of alternatives around. Now, Honda has entered this segment but, with a proper CVT automatic box. Not only is it a first in its segment but also a unique first in the world of Honda. Surprisingly, the car is not a lot more expensive either. It is priced between 8.39 lakh and 8.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

In terms of competition, the Amaze Diesel-CVT takes on the diesel AGS Dzire and Volkswagen’s Ameo DSG. They are priced at Rs 7.9-9.43 lakh and Rs 9.2-10.02 lakh respectively.

How do they drive?

Similar to its previous gen model, the Amaze continues to use the 1.5-litre diesel engine. However, in the Amaze this motor makes a lot lesser power, totalling to 80hp and 160Nm. According to the company, this is done in order to increase the life of the CVT. To be fair, you don’t feel the shortage of power when you begin moving. The car builds speed impressively with the least of throttle inputs. This makes it feel at home in city and highway conditions.

A nice finding was how the Amaze turned out to be one of the fastest during our acceleration tests. Coming to the Dzire, even though it is not known for refinement, turned out to be the most silent. It is powered by the same fiat-sourced 1.3-litre motor that makes 75hp and 190Nm of torque. The gearbox changes gears quite well but heavy throttle input can slow down shifts.

On paper, the Ameo has the best numbers. It makes 110hp and 250Nm of torque. The transmission is a seven-speed DSG box which is as high spec as possible. Like the other two cars, the Ameo moves forward when the brake is let go. But, when the speed increases you will notice that it is a bit sluggish. However, when it comes to refinement the car feels slow and has a loud clatter at idle.

Here are the claimed fuel efficiency figures of the three cars, the Dzire AMT gives 28.4kpl, the Amaze CVT gives 23.8kpl and the Ameo DSG gives 21.73kpl.

On the inside

The interior of the new Amaze is a lot different than the original model. It has a new dual-tone dashboard that is well designed. However, the lack of a touchscreen does make it feel a bit old. The materials are much nicer and the car has a lot of nicely textured areas. There have been a few complaints of the glovebox opening up over bumpy surfaces.

Being inside the Dzire is a comfortable affair. The nicest element is how the car has abundant space and doesn’t feel too compact. The brand has also made the car a nicer place to be with the use of light materials and faux wood. One must keep in mind that the light-coloured materials get dirty quickly. The car also has a dashboard that looks good.

Like the Dzire, the Ameo also has a flat-bottom steering which looks sporty. Another nice touch is how the doors shut with a heavy think and the switches feel chunky. The German roots do come through. On the flipside, the cabin in this car was compact to say the least. The driver and front passenger seats are also placed closer than you would like.

On the outside

Here is how the cars are designed. While the first Amaze got the proportions correct, the new model has done it even better. It has a longer wheelbase and a wider track. Overall, it looks more like a car than the older one. The design is nea but the large, chrome nose divides opinion.

The Dzire, however, is safer when it comes to the design. The balance is good and shape looks quite impressive. The car also features chrome at the front of it and LED headlights.

The Amaze and Dzire are made on platforms that were designed to accommodate a compact sedan. The Ameo, on the other hand uses the same platform the Polo uses. This is why it looks the way it does and the proportions are awkward. The rear end looks more like an afterthought.

Which one should I pick?

As you may have understood, each of these has its own pros and cons. Your choice should be made after figuring out what you would like from your car. The AMT in the Maruti feels a very simple when compared to the comparatively complex units in the Amaze’s CVT and Ameo’s DCT.

Highway goers will like the Volkswagen Ameo thanks to its powerful motor and fast shifting gearbox. It is also built well and feels like a German automobile. However, it is expensive and has the least space.

All said, the Honda Amaze is the car that is our winner. It has a nice motor and spacious interior and scores high in terms of comfort. Yes, the motor makes the most noise. Still, when you factor the price the Japanese car maker wants for the Amaze, you will understand that it is the right choice.

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