UM Renegade Commando Mojave, Classic Review

Published On: 6 September 2017 | 931 Views

The Renegade Commando line-up now has two more cruisers. But just how good are they?

  • TVS ATT tyres provided good levels of grip.
  • Unmistakably American cruiser theme.
  • Classic rear.
  • Small digital display within the analogue speedometer.
  • Mojave and the Classic head to head.
  • The 279.5cc, single-cylinder engine in the Classic.
  • The 279.5cc, single-cylinder engine in the Mojave.
  • Impeccable ride quality.
  • Glossy tank on the Classic.
  • Tasteful seat colour choice on the Mojave.
  • Mojave front.
  • Round indicators work well with the round headlight.
  • Conventional telescopic forks up front.
  • Classic front.
  • UM Renegade Classic headlight.
  • Mojave rear.
  • Predictable 280mm front disc.
  • blue circumference on the speedometer looks out of place.

The Renegade Commando line-up now has two more cruisers. But just how good are they?

The Renegade Commando and Sport S are already part of UM’s line-up. And now, the company has added two more models that are based on the same cruiser platform – the Renegade Commando Mojave and Classic.

On the outside

While the bike maker’s overall styling is distinctly American, but the Mojave has a more minimalist, rugged overall design. The bike features a matte paint scheme with matte black wheel rims and it has been designed with the Mojave Desert as a reference, which explains its desert sand-coloured paint scheme. The Classic, however, looks like a classic American cruiser – it features a dual-tone paint scheme and lots of swathes of chrome. The large front windscreen gives it the highway cruiser look as well.

Fit and finish have improved vastly compared to the pre-production models that were tested earlier. The tank-mounted speedometer is a bit difficult to read on the go because of where it’s positioned though. UM, however, has said that the bikes that will eventually go on sale will have larger, more legible digits. The bikes come fitted with a small digital display within the analogue speedometer that has a gear indicator, a fuel gauge and an odometer.

From the saddle

Both bikes have a nice swooping bucket seat for the rider and the seat lifts to a separate pillion seat with a backrest. The riding position is very comfortable and the seats are well cushioned. You sit in a relaxed position, and you don’t have to stretch too much to reach the forward-set foot-pegs. The bikes manage a ground clearance of 200mm, which will prove useful on our roads.

Both bikes are powered by a 279.5cc, single-cylinder fuel-injected motor. This is a smooth motor that feels decently powered - power is 24.8hp and torque is 23Nm. While this engine does feel decently refined, if you want to ride this bike in a spirited manner, you’ll need to rev the engine quite a bit. Gearshifts happen predictably and there is a hint of vibration that creeps out of the handlebar and seat, but only at high revs.

Is it worth the money?

The Renegade Commando Classic and Mojave are great to ride and can serve as a competent highway riding companion. With price tags of ₹1.80 lakh for the Mojave, and ₹1.89 lakh for the Classic (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi), both fall into Royal Enfield territory, which could be difficult to compete with. But if you’re looking for an affordable, American-styled cruiser, then either of these bikes will serve you well.

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