New Cars available in Singapore 133

Majority of Malaysia buyers select petrol vehicles as they are less expensive and quieter in comparison to diesel cars. There has been a growing preference in Malaysia in the direction of purchasing a petrol based variant of a car because of higher taxes on diesel cars and growing uncertainty around the diesel variants in some states. The automobiles market is flooded with multiple brands and variants offering petrol vehicles at a wide range of prices. Selecting the right car is, therefore, a cumbersome task. Droom Discovery offers you a complete list of the petrol vehicles which match your price range and requirement in hatchback, sedan, SUV, including some of the popular brands such as Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Tata. Presently, there are 133 new petrol cars in Malaysia which include some top car models like Nissan Elgrand, Mercedes-benz C-class Saloon F1 Auto Cars Edition, Bmw 4 Series, Volkswagen Golf R, Audi Tt and more. Check their prices, information, reviews, specifications and compare them to make an informed decision. The lowest priced version in this class is Nissan Elgrand with the ex-showroom price of S$101,798 onwards.